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TU Dortmund University (TUDO)

TUDO LogoThe Institute of Transport Logistics is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dortmund University and is associated with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML). Research Areas of the Institute are on the development of mathematical optimisation techniques for solving complex logistical planning tasks, on the development of key performance indicators for measuring and assessing the performance of logistical systems and for enabling to compare systems and on the simulation of logistical systems (layouts, processes, resources, strategies) to define optimal processes in a system and to utilise the given resources in an optimal way. In addition, the Institute has expertise in the environmental assessment of measures (stationary and mobile processes) to abate GHG-emissions in logistics companies, especially for logistics service providers and the data needs and availability for these tasks.

Partner Contacts: Daniel Diekmann
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