The COFRET project is co-financed
by European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation as
part of the 7th Framework Programme
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Promotional Templates

On this page you will find promotional materials produced to help partners externally promote the COFRET project.

COFRET Leaflet (PDF) 

Double sided leaflet to help promote the COFRET project. General project information, objective details, partner information and details on where to find out more about COFRET. If you wish to use this leaflet - please print out directly from file, double sided.


COFRET PowerPoint Presentation Template

Provides the style to be used and starting point for PowerPoint presentations about COFRET.

COFRET Presentation to TRB, January 2012

Provides an example of how the presentation template has been used.

COFRET Project Brochure (Powerpoint)

Project presenatation with interactive links to highlight project overview, objectives, purpose, partners and contact information. If you wish to use this presentation - please download directly from link provided. (pdf).


 For partners use only the original file can be downloaded here, slides can be used individually for promotional purposes as required from this file (powerpoint)

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