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At a recent seminar organised by EcoTransIT two examples of current best practice in carbon footprinting of within freight transport chains were presented and are reproduced here as examples of how this issue could be addressed.

  • Erika Sagert, Sven Sattelkau: Best practices from companies Hapag-Lloyd
  • Peter Waldenberger: Best practices from companies Gebrueder Weiss

    JEC Well-to-Wheels (WTW) Analyses

    Analysis of different fuels and technologies to reduce both energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  Combines the well to tank and tank to wheel studies.

     ECOSTAND Draft Roadmap

    The draft roadmap developed by the ECOSTAND Co-ordination action can be downloaded here.  The purpose of the action plan is to to present a 'roadmap' for the development and implementation of a common global methodology for determining the impacts of ITS solutions on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

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