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WP2 - Methodologies

User needs and existing methods and tools for calculation of carbon footprint

The objective of WP2 is to look into the user needs and state-of-the-art methods, tools and data for calculation of carbon footprint for logistics chains as a part of supply chain management.

The main tasks of WP2 are: 

  1. To review and assess existing carbon footprint calculation methods, tools and databases 
  2. To identify user needs, practices and experiences in the context of carbon footprint calculation 
  3. To review future technologies and innovations relevant to freight transport carbon footprint calculation

The review and assessment phase is now largely complete.  The list of items that has been reviewed can be found here

The User Needs Workshop was held in Berlin on 19th January 2012 - a summary of the discussion can be found here 

The four deliverables from workpackage 2 are now publicly available for download here

In the event of comment or query, please contact VTT in the first instance in their role as leaders of the review and assessment.

For more information contact VTT.
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