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WP5 - Case Studies

Coop (Switzerland)

Coop is one of the biggest wholesalers in Switzerland. The demo case will look at procurement supply chains for import traffic to Switzerland from other European countries (food and non-food) and on the other hand on distribution logistics and transport from distribution platform to the Coop shops.

Camion Transport AG (Switzerland)

Camion Transport AG is one of the leaders in less-than-truck load logistics and transport service providers in Switzerland using road and rail transport. The demo case will look at less-than truck loads from origin to destination using road only and a combination of rail and road transport.

UPM (Finland)

UPM is a Finnish pulp, paper and timber manufacturer. UPM has production plants in 15 countries and a global sales network. The demo case will cover the most relevant transport chains for pulp and paper products in Europe, including export and import. Alternative routes will be discussed based on the results from carbon footprint calculations.

Coca-Cola Drikker AS (Norway)

Coca-Cola Drikker AS (CCD) is responsible for sale, production and distribution of Coca-Cola products in Norway and is the largest supplier of non-alcoholic beverages in Norway. The case-study will investigate the carbon-footprint of intermodal supply-chains.

Van Oers Vegetables (the Netherlands)

Van Oers is market leader in the cultivation and sales of French beans in the Benelux and is a major player worldwide. In this demonstration the carbon footprint is calculated for the transport of vegetables between four African countries (Morocco, Senegal, Egypt and Ethiopia) and the Netherlands.

Further companies with whom we will co-operate are CMA CMG (France), Toten Transport AS (Norway), Dachser (Germany), Sony Supply Chain Solutions (Europe) B.V. (the Netherlands) and H&S Group (the Netherlands). We plan to start the case studies in 2013, after the release of the COFRET methodology.

For more information on the development of the COFRET methodology please contact Hedi Maurer (NEA).

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