The COFRET project is co-financed
by European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation as
part of the 7th Framework Programme
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WP7 - Dissemination

Dissemination and Exploitation

The overall aim of this work package is to ensure the optimum level of close engagement with freight transport providers, their industrial customers, systems suppliers and policy makers that have an interest and role to play in the sustainability of supply chains. This is to be achieved through two inter-related tasks referred to as dissemination and exploitation.

The dissemination activities are focused around the development of the project identity and production and dispatch of dissemination materials (brochures, website, newsletters etc.) in a timely manner. The content is tailored to the needs of the project's stakeholders in terms of the level of detail available, enabling them to access information or make contact with project partners to find out more.

The purpose of the exploitation tasks within the COFRET project is to ensure, through proactive external liaison, that the role of the project and its various outputs are well positioned in the eyes of its target groups in terms of visibility and the perception of relevance and usefulness.

The success of the exploitation is strongly linked to development of a strong image and dissemination materials, as these will help in emphasising the project identity and presence as a major unifier of activities relating to carbon footprinting of freight transport.

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